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            Shenzhen Ankki Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading professional research and development enterprise in data security governance products and solutions. Since its establishment, it has focused on the field of data security. We have provided data security solutions to over 4000 customers in various industries such as healthcare, government, public security, law enforcement, telecommunications operators, power, petrochemical, internet, and advanced manufacturing. The product solutions are widely used in Big data, cloud computing, cloud native, artificial intelligence, industrial control, Internet of Things, smart applications, IDC and other application scenarios, forming a complete structured SQL and NoSQL data security solution system, covering DCAP, DAP, DSP and other fields. Product solutions and services include: comprehensive data security governance platform, data asset sorting system, data classification and grading, database audit, database firewall, Data masking, database leakage scanning, database status monitoring, data watermark, centralized management platform and data security risk assessment, database Penetration test services, etc., which have built data asset operation, behavior model operation The four dimensions of security risk operation and security strategy operation form a "five in one" data security operation system for operational measurement, providing customers with comprehensive data security governance services.


          The company adheres to the business policy of "creating value for customers is the only reason for the company's existence", pays close attention to the service concept of "being a down-to-earth person and making products", takes "not making relationship products" as the motto, and takes the IPD process as the guarantee for the implementation of the business service concept; We always adhere to independent research and development, invest heavily in research and development, and be market-oriented. In the wave of digitization, we are at the forefront of the industry.





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